Mini-Jeux du Pacifique 2013 Mini-Jeux du Pacifique 2013 Mini-Jeux du Pacifique 2013 Mini-Jeux du Pacifique 2013 Mini-Jeux du Pacifique 2013 Mini-Jeux du Pacifique 2013 Mini-Jeux du Pacifique 2013 Mini-Jeux du Pacifique 2013 Mini-Jeux du Pacifique 2013


The villages 

Carte des sites de compétitions et des villages des mini-Jeux de Wallis et Futuna 2013


The Organizing Committee of the Pacific Mini-Games 2013, decided to set "the athletes' village" in schools and boarding schools in Wallis and in Futuna. Delegations will all be grouped within the State College (Mata Utu), the College of Lano(Alele), College of Vaimoana (Lavegahau) and Malaetoli School in Wallis and in the school of Kolopelu (Kolopelu) for Futuna.

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Organizing commitee

In 2009, the Territorial Sports Olympic Committee of Wallis and Futuna entrusted the  Organizing Committee WF2013 with the organization of the 9th Pacific mini games, in accordance with the Charter of the Pacific Games.

Created as an association (French Law on associations, 1901) the WF2013 organizing Committee is composed of a steering committee, 11 permanent employees and about 20 volunteers. Overall, permanent and volunteers supervise 10 sectors of organization which are essential to the preparation of the mini-games.

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Our Partners

Our institutional partners 

The Territory of Wallis and Futuna

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Through its Territorial Assembly, the Territory of Wallis and Futuna islands is one of the major partners of the Mini-Games Wallis and Futuna 2013 with a financial help equal to 25% of the total operating budget.

The Territorial Assembly of Wallis and Futuna is the deliberative assembly of the territory. The current President is Malia Sosefo ILOAI and the Sport Minister is Pelenato TAUFANA.



The French State

 Republique Francaise


The French State is one of the grand partners of the Mini Games with a financial contribution of the Ministère d'Outre Mer and the Ministère de la Jeunesse et des Sports.

Indeed, through many organisations (CNDS, FEBECS et Fonds Pacifique), the State contributes to 25% of the total operating budget.


The South province of the New Caledonia

PSUD AVEC NC The South province of the New Caledonia supports the event since february 2013 and became our third institutional parteners.  

The South Province is managed by a "Province Assembly" who is locating in Noumea and led by Cynthia Ligeard. 


Our official Media 



Through the TV Channels, the radios and the websites of Wallis et Futuna 1ère, Nouvelle Calédonie 1ère et Polynésie 1ère, France Télévisions group is the official media of the Mini Games Wallis and Futuna 2013 and will ensure a unique and innovative media coverage of the Mini Games 2013.

The three regional directions have decided to share their technical and human resources to ensure many lives along the event, as well as TV reports and TV daily summaries... 


Our official partners





S.WA.F.E.P.P, a service provider of Total Pacific’s company, is in charge of the activity of storage and distribution of the hydrocarbon in Wallis and Futuna.

S.WA.F.E.P.P became our first official partner in supporting the Mini-Games. She did not hesitate to help with a financial contribution to the organisation of the event that take place in Wallis and Futuna in the coming September.



With its financial contribution, EEWF is our second official partner and it engaged to walk together with us through the Mini-Games WF 2013.

This company is responsible for the production of the electrical energy and of the distribution of power and water in the whole territory of Wallis Futuna since 1976. It benefits since the 1rst of April 1997 of the production and distribution concession of electricity for 25 years. (1997-2022)



In the third place of our official partners, PDL granted us a material assistance in helping the preparation of the Mini-Games.

Pacific Direct Line Ltd, shipping company providing maritime transport of shipping containers throughout the South Pacific Region. A PDL agency is situated in Wallis and Futuna since many years.






The first supporter who trusted us, it supports the Mini-Games since 2011 with a material participation.




A company located in New Zealand, country far from here but it supports the Mini-Games with a good heart. Anchor has become one of our supporters with a financial help for the preparation of this event.

Anchor is a brand of milk product that was founded in New Zealand in 1886. Anchor Milk products are well known and loved in the territory of Wallis and Futuna.





FMF is one of the outsider companies that support us for the Mini-Game. FMF with its financial aid has become supporter of this great event that the whole territory is prepared with favour.

FMF exists in Fiji since 1973. Initially, the company had only one flourmill; today it does possess four others mill flour with a capacity of production of 200 tonnes per day. FMF is also known for its biscuits production.



 Technic Import



Technic-Import is a local company that supports materially the Mini-Games. This company has decided to put in availability 4 Yamaha boats for the security’s organisation of the sail and Va’a competition.

Technic-Import is SARL society who works with companies from overseas. It sells cars, boats, Yamaha engineers and posses also a garage and hardware.






BTP SUD is one of the local companies situated in south of Wallis who answered to demand for aid. A financial help was given by BTP SUD that make it a supporter of the Mini-Games.



 General Import  We have the possibility to benefit of a dock to store the Mini-Games materials. General-Import is one of the large importers on the territory.


 Batirama  Batirama, our neighbour in Wallis, had participated in the preparation of the Games in Wallis and Futuna with a material aid.


 CONCEPT  Our communication’s agency based in New Caledonia, has confirmed us it support with a material aid and has became one of our supports since august 2012.




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